What your heart finds great, is great!

Life is about love and that love is divine. Divinity, is a light ignited in every single being.

Oh man, dude.

Fences, FT. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “Arrows”

Hits me right in the heart.

It hits me in the soul.

“Let me ash my issues…I’m caught up and I’m so tired …Don’t die here, don’t die here… I came too far …but I’m too scared, I’m too afraid to stare this world in its face…just escape…”

What if life has always been this way?
Maybe there is no truth to the things older generations say.
Perhaps the minds of people then and their dreams were just the same.
What if oppression and hatefulness has only been refocused and never removed?

We let other people tell us what is right and wrong.
We let groups of people dictate the way we live and decide what we ought to do.
We let the idea of a career and pieces of paper that say we are educated guide our lives.
Sure, these opportunities can be incredibly awe-inspiring…
But, what if, for one day you followed your heart?
What if you could unprogram your mind and feel what it was like to be raw…
To be 100% yourself,
to think YOUR thoughts,
to be pure?
What would you do?

Would you abide by our strange one size fits all rules?
Would you be so hasty?
Would you be so hesitant?
Would being somewhere on time even be a concern?
Would you still disregard all the likeness you share with the people that pass you every day?

What would happen?

What if we suspended our thoughts for a moment and just loved people for being?

Be this difference.

We live in a world where we must abide.
But I’m telling you, you can create your own limits-your own ceiling!
These boundaries we hear and see are false.
Life is limitless.


If there were a way
To erase all of the pain
I’m afraid I’d cease to exist.
As the hurt is what motivates me
And encourages me to persist.

Rookie update

My roommate can’t relate to The rap game.


That’s coo. Respect it man.

But today, I learned SHE AIN’T FEELIN PIZZA!


I have to say goodbye to my little guy. :(

I have to say goodbye to my little guy. :(

Lust at last

How about the feeling
When my body ached
With each echo
Of your caress


Days like these,
Just wanna’ hang back and lean.

Days like these,
When it’s all too much to take.

The desire to escape,
The pressure to please,
The pain to survive,
It eats you alive.

Days like these,
I just wanna take a step back…

And leave.

Kung fu

If I could just do Kung fu every day with all the people that love it… Everything would be okay

Rappy McRapperson

Oh no!

My new roommate does not like rap music.

Trying to be helpful:
“That stuff is therapy and so is rap music”

“I prefer rock. Or music I can relate to.”

*Vibes to Tupac to get over it*
Whachu mean you can’t vibe?


There’s a BBC interview with Eminem and the only time he laughs is when the interviewer reads back his lyrics “Bitch I’ma kill you…”

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Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.

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Staying alive is a full-time job.